How To Style Swells: Scarf Edition

So you have your new favorite scarf from Swells... now what? Figuring out how to tie and style this sweet accessory can sometimes be a challenge. That's why Swells is here to help! Here are our top rec's for spicing up your Swells of Splendor Scarf!
To shop WKND WYFR's Fringe With Benefits Clutch, click here. We think this look would look great with white jeans, a pastel blouse, and wedges for a dinner with friends!
To shop The Tiny Tassel's gingham headbands, click here. We think this pair would be perfect with denim shorts, slide sandals, and a simple white tee. 
To shop Amelia's rose gold hoops, click here. We see this scarf being worn as a top with white silk pants and a nude block heel. The perfect blend of trendy + chic!
And, to learn how to tie Swells of Splendor Scarves as a top, click here!

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